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Search Engine Optimization has been on everyone's lips for several years. Anyone who runs a website knows that SEO is an advantage. However, the corresponding efforts often fail in the beginning. But why is that and how can you implement successful SEO measures even as a beginner?

SEO experts are being the best SEO Company for Small Businesses or start-up companies. The SEO Services Company is now available for Small Business SEO Services. Our primary goal is to get small business & startup sites listed on the top 5 positions on the first page of the major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

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I am working as a SEO Freelancer for more than 9+ years experiences. I am from Bangalore, India. I am a professional SEO freelancer consultant in India, as a global SEO freelancing services expert, I have an extensive network of marketing experience and knowledge to help customers in all sizes to achieve success in the world!!

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Why SEO Important For SEO Website?

Get higher rankings and traffic by leveraging SEO expert activities. I am Satheeskumar, a Full-time freelance SEO expert or SEO consultant in India helping to grow your business from local cities.

What SEO Is? How SEO Will Help To Improve Your Business Website?

To Target Potential Customers:

Your goal is to attract interested visitors to your website for particular products or services. Google AdWords management service ensures your resources for potential customers. We understand your business, you create the best Google AdWords ads to achieve the increase in profits.

Promote your product to millions of websites, videos, apps, and customers in the appropriate channels to bring more attention to your product or service.

I will follow your goals and budget; you design an effective advertising strategy click charges. We will conduct in-depth keyword and competitor analysis, to identify related keywords for your business and industry to ensure that potential customers can link to your site.

"Successful SEO Optimized Web Design Should Be From Both Inside And Outside."

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Known As:

Search Engine Optimization, website optimization, SEO is a kind of page rank in search engines (Yahoo, Google, Bing etc!). That is SEO optimization technology can make your business website and keyword search results appear in the home, more visitors and potential customers to visit your website and increase revenue.

In yahoo! and google! and other large sites, design and implementation of product, brand or service promotion.

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SEO website optimization takes time to make qualifying promotion. The length of time in relation to the difficulty to calculate the keyword. So our charging scheme mostly an unsuccessful charge, which can effectively protect the interests of customers.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate with our contact person. We will answer your questions within 12 hours. 16-hours customer service from Monday to Friday, 16-hour manned up.

I guarantee that your SEO expert will answer all your questions as soon as possible in a short time. The Significant effect will be within 3 to 7 months to effectively improve your web page ranking.

If unsuccessful we will never guarantee a free SEO report, I will give you a free tailor-page optimization reports, data and content of the report that will be shared with your company and provides the best advice to optimize your web page! win, no fee plan!

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I do not charge an unsuccessful plan to effectively protect the interests of customers professional attitude. I carefully treat every guest so that ranking to rise SEO optimization promotion tactics will definitely use orthodox way to promote the customer's web page.

To ensure compliance with the major search engines ordinances and large clients, I have more than 500+ customers worldwide assurance. I regularly point for every guest check page content, structure, data, and speed, and so on, to ensure that everything is normal with web system.

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SEO Freelancer in India or SEO Consultant in India provides SEO services in India, UK, USA, CANADA, UAE, Australia since 2011, get your website on Google first page.

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SEO optimization into the market, the site alone with above of 50% only be said to be successful. The remaining 50% is the layout of Web Design, Programming, web content and many other internal and external factors. Those are required to meet SEO, crawling site habits, so that the completion of optimized Web Design, successfully break out.

We focus on your target customers; design can be an effective advertising strategy. We will track the ad's performance to make sure you can bring real-time benefits. We have kinds of retail marketing works that were well known. Call now & get advice!

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What Is On Page Website Optimization?

  • The On Page Website Optimization (or On Site Optimization) is an important part of the Search Engine Optimization. If you want to get involved on the first pages with Google, you should not be missing or carried out half-heartedly.
  • In contrast to Off Page Search Engine Optimization, On Page optimization only includes tasks that are performed directly on your own website, i.e. On Site. Above all, the technical aspects are checked and optimized here, such as the loading time. If you want to define the term On-Page Optimization, the whole thing could look like this:
  • On Page optimization includes all optimizations that are carried out directly on the website and that are effective for Search Engine Optimization.
  • In addition to technical aspects, content optimization is an integral part of On Site SEO. Here it is checked whether the keyword that you selected in the keyword research is placed correctly and the text is structured appropriately by the headings.

Why On Page Website Optimization Is So Important?

Because the On Page Search Engine Optimization can be a real Google ranking booster - and can therefore be significantly influence your success. Your website is rated better by Google and automatically climbs up in the rankings. Therefore, regularly carry out an on-page SEO check of your website.

With WordPress in particular, On Page optimization is very easy to carry out, since many processes can be supported by free plugins.

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We Will Provide Below SEO Activities


  • Preliminary SEO Check
  • Detailed SEO Strategy & Plan
  • Initial Site Analysis Report
  • Keywords Analysis Report
  • Competitor Analysis Report
  • Home Page optimization
  • Optimizing Pages
  • Body Text Optimization
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Heading Tag Optimization
  • W3C Compliancy
  • Content Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Sitemap Implementation
  • Robot.txt Implementation
  • Optimize your Keyword Density
  • Google Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Google Webmaster Setup & Configuration


  • Search Engine Submission
  • No Follow Link Check
  • Directories Submissions
  • Niche Business Directories
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Creation (wordpress, Blogspot)
  • Blog Updating & Promotion
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified ads Creation & Posting
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Keywords Oriented Article Creation
  • Video Optimization
  • RSS News Feed Submission
  • Web 2.0 Sites Creation
  • PPT & Docs Submission
  • Yellow Pages Submission
  • Local Listing

Most Common SEO Mistakes From Others:

In the following we would like to introduce you the most common mistakes in the area of search engine optimization and show you how you can do better.

Mistake 1: The Importance Of SEO Underestimate

This is the biggest mistake a website operator can make. In fact, search engines are the most widely used application on the World Wide Web. In any case, it is worthwhile to optimize your own website for search engines.

Google, in particular, is of great importance because the internet giant has a market share of more than 90 percent. The so-called natural search hits receive a particularly large number of clicks, not just the booked ads.

Mistake 2: Be Fooled By Personalized Search Results

If you google relevant keywords for your own website, you will probably get falsified results. Google provides each user with personalized search results, which give frequently visited websites better rankings. To get a neutral overview, you should deactivate personalized search results or use SEO tools.

Mistake 3: Build On The "Keywords" Meta Tag

It doesn't hurt to list relevant keywords in the corresponding meta tag. But this alone cannot optimize a website for search engines. In fact, Google uses this meta tag only to a limited extent for ranking the results.

Mistake 4: One Website, Multiple Domains

Quite a few website operators have multiple domains for their homepages. That makes perfect sense. However, the same content should not be found on every domain.

Otherwise duplicate content arises and the domains also compete with each other when it comes to search engine ranking. It is therefore advisable to select one domain and redirect all others to it via 301 redirect.

Mistake 5: SEO-Unfriendly CMS

Even if a provider of a CMS or shop system advertises to be particularly search engine friendly, problems with search engine optimization often occur.

For example, headings, titles and descriptions cannot be edited separately for each page or internal links cannot be released.

Mistake 6: Too Little High-Quality Content

Especially corporate websites are often perceived by the user as pure advertising. You can avoid this by actually offering interesting content.

For example, advice texts or subject-related journalistic content promise added value for the user. These are often read by users and are often recommended. This in turn influences the ranking in a positive way.

Mistake 7: Inadequate Linking

Links to your own website can greatly improve the search engine ranking. However, it depends on their number, their quality, the right mix and also their weighting by Google. It often fails because of the quality of the links. Press portals, article directories or link exchange programs will generally provide poorly rated links only.

Mistake 8: Understand Seo As A One-time Action

Many SEO beginners think that they could take various SEO measures once and thus improve their search engine ranking. However, it is not that simple. Search engine optimization is a continuous process that needs constant attention.

Mistake 9: Do Not Use The Potential Of Internal Links

Internal links are a popular SEO measure. However, the link text must be correct. It should consist of the exact keyword that should be strengthened by the link. The link text should also not be too general. So if you want to strengthen the keyword “car accessories”, you should not use “accessories and more” as the link text.

Search Engine Optimization (Seo) For Your Website Or Online Shop.

Tips & Offers From The Seo Agency For Optimizing Your Website

Let's start with information on so-called SEO, or an introduction. Further links in the web design blog.

You search for the name of the Company on Google and find it at the top of the page. Wonderful, we're top of Google and don't have to do anything? Is that correct?

No, because anyone who knows the name of the Company knows the URL and will find it. You want to be found with other search terms, abstract, such as film production, Web Design or Graphics (our search terms) and here you are certainly less well placed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes far beyond this simple search. The basis of a serious SEO measure is the analysis of the search terms and their combinations.

Once the new website is online, the hosting is regulated, digital professional marketing and SEO & marketing advice begins, whether on WordPress or Typo3 is not important. The visitors and users from Switzerland come to your homepage primarily because of the good content and content. Here your website has to be optimized in relation to the competition so that the projects can be successfully and profitably positioned in the market system.

This will convince you in business. The web agency helps to set the right, functional goal for self-marketing and takes into account mobile design, ranking and conversion of the websites. In addition to years of experience, methods such as link building, link building and WDF * IDF exams are used to name only the most important key data.

We also choose the right partners and use our specialized SEO knowledge on the right channels. This is how we present an all-round service for your page.

The Reason Why We Absolutely Recommend Seo?

Our performance is measurable and the success for your business is directly noticeable. A professional editing of a website according to the rules of Search Engine Marketing can work wonders.

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